Laser Machined Tubing

MicroLumen offers custom laser machined tubing to accomplish specific tasks. This value-added process speeds time to market and customizes the tube shaft. Whether you need precision holes to deliver drugs or a reduced OD to bond; we give design engineers solutions.

  • Precise removal of polyimide layers to expose braid/coil wires
  • Selective OD ablation allows variable flexibility within a given length
  • Selective removal of layers aids secondary processes and assembly
  • OD surface reduction offers a “step-down” effect; multiple OD diameters in one shaft
  • Custom drilling of holes, slots & shapes for precise liquid or gas delivery
  • Custom hole diameters
  • Holes as small as 15 microns without delamination or discoloration
  • Laser etched markings without the use of ink
  • Micro-machining and very tight length tolerances ± 0.005″
  • Custom wire stripping

View available customizations and dimensions.

Polyimide medical tubing samples showing custom laser machining and braid reinforcing.

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