High Performance Medical Tubing

MicroLumen provides tubing with exceptional mechanical, thermal and chemical properties for use in a wide range of minimally invasive, critical OEM applications such as cardiovascular catheters, stent delivery systems, urological retrieval devices and drug delivery.

Our innovative manufacturing process allows us to deliver significantly tighter tolerances than conventionally extruded tubing. We offer Polyimide, PTFE, Nylon, Pebax®, Polyurethane, and various polymer products. Our secondary operations, including custom laser machining, etching, composite constructions, assembly, and braid/coil reinforced shafts enable us to develop customized solutions for your exact requirements.

MicroLumen is registered to ISO 13485:2016. Contact our engineering team to discuss your specific applications.


Polyimide is a thermoset plastic that has exceptional thermal stability, chemical resistance, and tensile strength. Our polyimide tubing is manufactured with tighter tolerances than conventionally extruded plastic tubing.

View our polyimide applications, material properties and more here.


Choose braid reinforced tubing for applications that require increased column strength, torque transmission and increased burst strength.

View the specifications of our reinforced polyimide tubing here.

PTFE / Composite

Our unique process of incorporating fluoropolymers with Polyimide provides mechanical properties far superior to conventionally extruded medical tubing.

Read about the expanded product capabilities of our Pure PTFE/PTFE composites here.

Laser Machined

If you have a customized application with exacting requirements, we offer secondary laser machining processes to accomplish specific tasks, such as precision holes for drug deliver or reduced OD to bond.

Explore our custom laser machining options here.

Polyimide medical tubing samples showing custom laser machining and braid reinforcing.

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PTFE / Composite

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Laser Machined

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