Mark Roberds, president of MicroLumen, the international leader in high performance surgical and medical tubing manufacturers.

From the President

The goal of MicroLumen is to earn the unwavering confidence of our clients and business partners by consistently providing a high performance medical and surgical tubing product of premier quality, using innovative, cutting-edge technology. Our objective is to exceed our clients’ expectations by providing medical tubing products which enable them to improve patient care, reduce recovery times, and reduce the overall cost of health care.

We will continue our tradition of excellence, while not forgetting who we are and what made us successful.

Our commitment to technical excellence extends beyond our MicroLumen high performance medical tubing products to include every aspect of our operations, from our Quality Management Systems to our client communication channels, to our environmentally-friendly, state-of-the-art manufacturing plant. Our investment in technical excellence extends to our top-notch team of professionals, whose qualifications and expertise are the cornerstones of our ability to innovate.

My father, Roger Roberds, founded MicroLumen, Inc. in 1987. His hard work, visionary management, and commitment formed the foundation of our success. The dedication, teamwork, and spirit of our employees have enabled us to grow into an organization that is a leader in the industry. We will continue our tradition of excellence, while not forgetting who we are and what made us successful. Rigorous pursuit of technical excellence and unparalleled quality are the hallmarks of our high performance medical tubing products.

Thank you for your confidence and continued support.

Mark Roberds,

Polyimide medical tubing samples showing custom laser machining and braid reinforcing.

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